When will my Sealed By Santa order ship?

Orders start shipping November 1st and ship 24-72 hours after the order is placed. Once the order is shipped you will receive a shipping notification from USPS.

When is the last day to order to guarantee Christmas delivery?

The last day to order is December 18th with regular shipping. We do recommend that you order earlier in the season and not to wait. We do offer expedited shipping.

Can I order two different letters with different text?

Yes! You can choose from 5 different backgrounds and 12 different text combinations.

Can the Christmas Eve Interactive Kit be addressed to more then 1 child?

Yes! You can add two people to each kit.

Do you offer a Baby First Christmas letter?

Yes we do! After you choose your letterhead you can choose text Letter 11: “Baby’s First Christmas”.
This is a great way to introduce Santa and start the Santa letter tradition!

Do you have a letter for the child that is getting a little old and questioning Santa?

Yes we do. Christmas is all about the Christmas magic! Text Letter: “You are never to old to believe” will explain that Christmas is more then just about presents but also believing in Christmas magic!

My child has not been very good this year. Do you have a naughty letter?

Yes we do! Sometimes a child needs a little extra reminder to get on Santa's Nice List. Our Naughty letter will remind them that Christmas is on the way and there is still time to make Santa’s Nice List!

Do you have a special letter for COVID?

Yes we do! Even though COVID is here, the North Pole is taking all precautions for a safe Christmas Eve delivery! Santa has never missed a Christmas and he wont miss this year either!

What is Virtual North Pole?

Sealed by Santa has teamed up with talktosanta.com to save Christmas! Santa may not be at the malls this year but that does not mean you can’t tell him whats on your wish list! Every Virtual North Pole package includes a Deluxe Sealed By Santa letter and a 10 minute live video call with Santa Claus!

How do I access my Live Video Call?

After you place your order you will receive a confirmation email with your voucher code. Go to talktosanta.com and pick the time you requested and setup your call. You will put in your voucher code at checkout.

Can I add other people from other places on my live call with Santa?

Yes you can! For a minimal cost you can add in it.

I bought one time but now I would like to upgrade to another?

Thats okay! Once you get to the Talk To Santa site you can upgrade to a different time.

After purchasing when should I setup my call?

We recommend setting them up in the next 24- 48 hours so you don't loose your time. Santa is very busy this time of year.

How long does it take to get the Mrs. Claus Cookie set?

Cookies do take a little bit to bake. The cookie kits will be shipped a week after ordering from the Earth and Sugar Headquarters.

What does our cookie kit come with?

Your one of a kind cookie kit comes with 4 cookies to decorate, One bag of Royal Icing mix, two piping bags, a note from Mrs. Claus and loads of fun!

My child has a allergy, are these safe?

This product is manufactured in a facility that processes nuts, wheat and soy.

Where does the Mrs. Claus cookie decorating kit come from?

Mrs. Claus is working out of earthandsugarshop.com in Palm Beach, Florida. This talented bakery owned by Janderyn Makris is known for there elaborate beautiful cakes and desserts! Follow them on instagram at earthandsugar!

How do I use the Santa Boot Stencil and Magic Snow?

Each Parent Evidence Kit comes with instructions on how to use each part of your kit. We recommend making the snow early in the morning before Christmas morning.

What is the Santa Sleeve and how do I use it?

This is the newest addition to our Evidence Kit! This interactive product will show that Santa was at your house on Christmas Eve! For full video Directions visit: tinslco.com

Each Sealed By Santa package is personalized to the individual child. If you are not happy with your purchase please let us know with in 30 days of receiving and we will send you a brand new package or credit you for a different item. All you have to do is send back the package and we will take care of the rest!


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